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my Item hasn't arrived

Please be aware that Victory Kits is a bespoke service and in most cases a pre-order product.

Meaning your item/s will have a deadline to purchase, once the deadline passes the bespoke item will go in to production.

Depending on the final quantity, items can take from 2 - 6 weeks to get to you but we always aim for 4 weeks.

If you feel these timeframes have passed please email our team to discuss a further.

Can I RETURN my item?

Victory Kits have a no refund policy but will accept returns for exchange if the garment as a defect in any way.

Because our service is a made/branded to order we can not give you a refund but will work with you to get the garments to your 100% satisfaction.

We have a 36 day return policy in place.

Please email our team to discuss further.

updated 11/09/2021

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